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Next Sunday, when you’re sitting around counting your egg’s, remember why you’re able to do that.
R.I.P Merle Dixon
Never Forget.

Next Sunday, when you’re sitting around counting your egg’s, remember why you’re able to do that.

R.I.P Merle Dixon

Never Forget.

HorrorHound Weekend Swag:

  • Magazine back issues and current issue.
  • Finished off Walking Dead Series 5, apparently rare GPK Sticker Pack.
  • Full box of Gremlins 2 trading cards.
  • Demons & Demons 2 exclusive Blu-ray/DVD steelbooks, courtesy of Synapse.
  • NECA’s Robocop and Freddy Krueger figures, inspired by the NES Games.
  • One-sheets for TCM 2, Jason Takes Manhattan, and Gremlins 2, not shown is a new TMNT ‘90, my other one is trashed.

So yeah, more additions to a future landfill. 

Going to HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, March 21-23rd, so I might actually have something worthwhile to post when I get back.

Otherwise, I’ll just continue to stay off here.

'K, bye.

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The Walking Dead returns tonight at 9|8c on AMC! 

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twin peaks ladies [2/3] ¬ maddy ferguson

"All I did was come to a funeral.
And it’s like I fell into a dream.
It’s like people think I’m Laura.

       And I’m not.

That dark hair, those glasses, mmmmmm…..

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Grand Theft Auto III (2001): I was in 7th grade and never seen anything like it.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002): 8th grade, I become obsessed with this game. Still probably my favorite GTA.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004): Sophomore in high school, things are bigger, and you have more choices. It’s almost too much. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006): Senior in high school, start first full time job, start dating girl I’m still with seven years later.

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008): 18, been out of school a year, no real responsibilities. My mind is blown again, even with all it’s flaws, but are things too realistic now?

Grand Theft Auto V (2013): 24, life has changed a lot, yet so much stay’s the same. 

If this doll is a testament to anything, it shows just how much of a pop culture icon Freddy was in the 80’s.

Made by Matchbox of all company’s, the doll debuted in 1989. I wouldn’t say that was the height of his popularity, more like the decline. 

As long as you were over the age of 8 (say’s so on the box!), you could own this guy, because who loved Freddy Krueger more then kids?

Matchbox did a great job, hitting all the right marks and made it very true to the character and didn’t really dumb it down or “cartoonify” him. He still looks pretty menacing, even at 18”. Notice the cardboard boiler room background.

It features a pull-string on its back, which activates several phrases when pulled. 

  • "Hi I’m Freddy."
  • “Let’s be friends.”
  • "Wah-hahahaha-hah!" 
  • “Pleasant dreams.”
  • “Welcome to Elm Street.”
  • “Watch out, Freddy’s back!”

Much like the 18” Alien figure from Kenner 10 years prior, Freddy was met  with backlash from parents and Matchbox halted the production and it has since become a sought after Elm Street collectible.

They even sculpted exposed brain, straight out of Freddy’s Revenge. That’s fucking awesome!